DJI Phantom 4


Obstacle avoidance: The Phantom 4 has four sensors facing down and 2 sensors facing forward. These sensors allow the Phantom 4 to fly indoors without wandering and without the need for GPS signal. The two forward facing sensors (when enabled) prevent the Phantom from flying into objects. It is worth noting that there are no sensors to protect the Phantom 4 from flying into objects either behind or on the sides.

Before you fly: 

Calibrating your compass: 


Camera settings: 

How to change file sizes, etc.

Formatting or deleting the contents on your SD card.



Firmware updates:

Point of interest mode: 

  1. Select the Point of interest mode from the menu.
  2. Fly directly over the point of interest with the camera pointed down, and mark the point of interest on the menu.
  3. Move away from the point of interest to establish the radius and click “start.”

Course Lock:

Waypoint Navigation: