Edge 540T “Tiger”

Here are some of the changes we made to the stock Edge540T


First we made our own motor mount to handle the larger sized motor.

accessories 008

We used a DAT-750 motor with an 11X8 GWS propeller but the motor is most efficient with 11X4.7 GWS propellers. (DAT-750 statistics)

We added our own landing gear with a slightly larger gauge steel, greater ground clearance and a wider stance.

Landing gear on plane Landing gear

The plane was originally wired with a 72 MHz Tx/Rx (transmitter and receiver) and later fitted with a 2.4 Mhz Tx/Rx.

Standard 9G servos worked great.

9 g servo


We added a stronger tail wheel for better control on the ground and greater durability.

074 051

We used both stock wheels and then we decided to switch them out with a more durable and slightly larger diameter wheel.

We also added a small piece of Velcro and a windable key chain light to the nose. It is a nice look but in also helps with orientation in the late afternoon hours.

014 013 004 003



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