Planes Reviews – Concept X Plane

Concept X: A beautiful plane with Gremlins.


We configured this Concept X with a 4 Cell Li-Po battery. I think the configuration was too heavy. The extra weight resulted in a high wing loading on an airplane that already has a small wing in the standard configuration. High wing loading with a swept wing leads to very high flying speeds to stay controllable and very nasty stall characteristics. As if these negative traits were not bad enough. The landing gear is not suitable for the additional weight or speed, so even if you have a successful flight you are likely going to damage your landing gear and/or plane at the conclusion of your flight.

Concept X Crash 4 Concept X Crash 2 Concept X Crashed


In spite of all its negative traits in a 4 cell configuration, it went back together nicely with a little Tape and glue.

Concept X post crash 3


Concept X post crash


If you are looking for a great EDF (Electric Ducted Fan), I would recommend this one (F-16)




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