Product reviews

  1. 3DR (company): FPV platforms with fantastic ground stations and simulators.
  2. A20 by: AEE: The A20 can fly indoors, waypoint navigation, and has a “follow me” feature.
  3. Autel Kestrel: Innovative company breaking out of autoparts manufacturing to boldly go where no car company has gone before…into drone manufacturing.
  4. DJI Inspire: Out of the box professional grade.
  5. DJI Phantom 2 vision +: A stable, fun, easy to fly, out of the box solution for the novas looking to get near professional grade results.4 DJIs
  6. EFX Racer: Fast, fun and finicky. When you push a foam airplane through the air at over 100MPH you’re on the edge of what foam can withstand. The EFX racer reminds you of the limitations of plastic and foam with frequent motor mount failures.
  7. Ehang 184 Human carrying drone X8: one word…WOW!!!
  8. Exom Sensefly (a Parrot company): Commercial grade bridge inspecting multicopter with head spinning sensor options.
  9. Nine Eagles (company): A company with a low cost alternative to just about any consumer grade drone.
  10. Onogo Fly: Little follow me drone, which will also avoid obstacles and has a great price.
  11. Disco Parrot Drone: The name that is taking the drone world by storm while offering an alternative to DJI. The Disco Drone is a fixed- (Delta) wing with autoland capability.
  12. BYRD by: Pro Drone: One to watch, the BYRD breaks from the standard “X” and has a sturdy design with folding arms and a very quiet, and noticeably smooth operation.
  13. RC Logger (company): If your looking into multicopter racing, this company will steer you in the right direction.
  14. Syma X11 Hornet quadcopter: This inexpensive yet stable toy is sure to be a hit with any of the first time multi-copter pilots looking to sharpen your skills from the comfort of your living room.